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(Answered) All of the following are aggregate category factors EXCEPT Question 1 options:

All of the following are aggregate category factors EXCEPT Question 1 options:

All of the following are aggregate category factors EXCEPT Question 1 options:Category sizeCategory growthStage in product life cycleSeasonalityThreat of new entrantsSaveQuestion 2 (1 point) This variable, if highly positive, would enhance market attractiveness.Question 2 options:Sales cyclicityProfit variabilityMarket growthSales seasonalityIntrayear cycles in salesSaveQuestion 3 (1 point) Category size is LARGE during which stage of the product life cycle? Question 3 options:IntroductionGrowthMaturityDeclineCategory size remains constant throughout the PLCSaveQuestion 4 (1 point) During this stage of the product life cycle, category growth is the HIGH.Question 4 options:DeclineGrowthIntroductionMaturityGrowth rates remain constant throughout the PLCSaveQuestion 5 (1 point) Inter-year variation in demand is BEST described as Question 5 options:SeasonalitySales cyclicitySupply variabilityProfitabilityDepreciation costSaveQuestion 6 (1 point) Identify the INCORRECT statement regarding profitability Question 6 options:Profits vary across products or brands in a category.Differences in profitability may be due to factors of production.Large inter-industry differences in profits exist.Variance in profitability is often used as a measure of industry risk.All of the above are correct statements.SaveQuestion 7 (1 point) Which of the following is NOT one of the factors considered by Porter, in his model for assessing the structure of industries? Question 7 options:The threat of new entrantsThe bargaining power of buyers and suppliersThe amount of intra-category rivalryThe threat of substitute products or servicesThe production or service capacitySaveQuestion 8 (1 point) The threat of new entrants Question 8 options:If low diminishes the attractiveness of a categoryLeads to higher profits and lower competitivenessCan be reduced by erecting barriers to competitionCannot be diminished by legal meansHelps a market to expand in the later stages of market developmentSaveQuestion 9 (1 point) When firms with well-established brand names or company reputations dominate the market, making it difficult for new competitors to enter, they can BEST be described as benefiting from barriers to entry based onQuestion 9 options:Economics of scaleProduct differentiationCapital differentiationSwitching costsProduct standardizationSaveQuestion 10 (1 point) Chain retailers charging slotting allowances create barriers to entry based on Question 10 options:Switching costsCapital requirementsDistributionProduct standardizationEconomies of scaleSaveQuestion 11 (1 point) In which of the following scenarios would buyers enjoy LESS power? Question 11 options:When the seller's product if a commodityWhen there are many substitutesWhen the buyer can utilize backwards integrationWhen the buyer purchases in large quantitiesWhen the product bought is highly differentiatedSaveQuestion 12 (1 point) Intense rivalry in a category Question 12 options:Tends to decrease marketing expendituresOften spawns price warsAlways discourages employee raidsResults in increased competitor welfareMakes product categories more attractiveSaveQuestion 13 (1 point) Identify the INCORRECT statement pertaining to pressure from substitutes.Question 13 options:Categories for products having a large number of substitutes are less attractiveAlmost all categories suffer from the availability of substitutesSome of the highest rates of return are earned in categories with a small range of substitutesAvailability of substitutes is always a determinant of an unattractive product categoryCategories that uniquely fill customer needs are more attractive than those with lots of substitutesSaveQuestion 14 (1 point) All of the following statements about the impact of capacity upon category attractiveness are true, EXCEPTQuestion 14 options:Chronic overcapacity is critical to high profitsOperating at capacity drives costs downOperating at capacity enhances the firm's buying powerOperating at capacity is an indicator of category healthOvercapacity can lead to low bargaining power with buyersSaveQuestion 15 (1 point) Which of the following is LEAST likely to be a source of political risk? Question 15 options:Competing political philosophiesSocial unrest and disorderRise of the Internet globallyInternal rebellions for political poweNew international alliancesSaveQuestion 16 (1 point) Industrial markets are unique in Question 16 options:The extreme profitability of the firms serving themThe fact the demand is derived from consumer marketsTheir reliance upon automationTheir use of outsourcingThe freedom from regulation they enjoySaveQuestion 17 (1 point) Which of the following is NOT a key force driving the era of the consumers?Question 17 options:More free timeConnectednessHigher value placed on the "spiritual"IndividualismThe shrinking day


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