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(Answered) Please respond to this post with nothing less than 600 hundred words. Than you.

Please respond to this post with nothing less than 600 hundred words. Than you.

Please respond to this post with nothing less than 600 hundred words. Than you. Distributive Justice when simplified, to me seems to illustrate the picture of equal rights for those who deserve an equal cut. For example, at a simple cashier job at a company you would be making around $8.00 an hour. This means that all of the cashiers for this particular business should be making $8.00 an hour, considering they are performing the same task. Distributive Justice insures that no one cashier would be favored over another with a pay increase for the same position as those with a wage of $8.00. This concept can be applied to a plethora of different scenarios, the concept just demonstrates the overall fair treatment of individuals who deserve to be treated equally not one more than the other. Aristotle philosophy on Distributive Justice compiles into a selected few concepts, that of honor and offices; claiming all theories of distributive justice discriminate in one way or another. Aristotle established his beliefs of how elections are a prominent example of distributive justice, as elections are the overall opinion of the vast majority of a community or society. However can also be viewed as discriminative due to the fact you cannot eliminate discriminating against someone’s views during an election and must choose the one that you as an individual believe would be a better fit for the position. (Justice pg. 192-193) The concept of distributive justice does establish that those who do comparable tasks should be rewarded in equal ways, as is the same in my opinion that those who do the same or similar tasks should always be rewarded equally as to avoid any unfair or favored treatment towards anyone person performing the same task. Immanuel Kant would agree that all those who perform the same task should be repaid an equal share as to have a since of community and appropriate relations and communication. With a Utilitarianism view he would want to insure the overall wellbeing of the majority of society and to keep those large groups happy and fairly treated it would only make since to insure they were all rewarded the same, avoiding any altercations within the community. While Rawls may disagree, considering he believes in individual and fair treatment. I could see Rawls arguing that even though one may perform the same task does not necessarily mean that they perform with the same diligence and effort. Therefore those that work harder than the rest and produce a more diligent outcome, should be rewarded for the better product and work ethic.           Which I could fully understand and fathom; for example returning to the cashier position. If one cashier greeted a customer nicely and struck up a conversation and smiled interacting nicely with the consumer, while quickly scanning and bagging the items; compared to that of a cashier who does not bother to greet the customer and does not respond to any questions or concerns from the consumer while slowly scanning and placing items in the bags, it only seems fair to better reward the cashier who performed more efficiently than the one who was doing the bare minimum of the requirements.


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