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(Answered) An electronics manufacturer has an option to produce six styles of cell phones.

An electronics manufacturer has an option to produce six styles of cell phones.

3-6: An electronics manufacturer has an option to produce six styles of cell phones. Each of these devices requires time, in minutes, on three types of electronic testing equipment, as shown in the table at the bottom of this page. The first two test devices are each available for 120 hours per week. Test device 3 requires more preventive maintenance and may be used only for 100 hours each week. The market for all six cell phones is vast, so the manufacturer believes that it can sell as many cell phones as it can manufacture. The table also summarizes the revenues and material costs for each type of phone. In addition, variable labor costs are $15 per hour for test device 1, $12 per hour for test device 2, and $18 per hour for test device 3. Determine the product mix that would maximize profits. Formulate the problem as an LP model and solve it by using Excel.3-13: A brokerage firm has been tasked with investing $500,000 for a new client. The client has asked that the broker select promising stocks and bonds for investment, subject to the following guidelines:????At least 20% in municipal bonds ???? At least 10% each in real estate stock and pharmaceutical stock ???? At least 40% in a combination of energy and domestic automobile stocks, with each accounting for at least 15% ???? No more than 50% of the total amount invested in energy and automobile stocks in a combination of real estate and pharmaceutical company stockSubject to these constraints, the client’s goal is to maximize projected return on investments. The broker has prepared a list of high-quality stocks and bonds and their corresponding rates of return, as shown in the following table. Formulate this portfolio selection problem by using LP and solve it by using Excel.3-36: A distributor imports olive oil from Spain and Italy in large casks. He then mixes these oils in different proportions to create three grades of olive oil that are sold domestically in the United States. The domestic grades include (a) commercial, which must be no more than 35% Italian; (b) virgin, which may be any mix of the two olive oils; and (c) extra virgin, which must be at least 55% Spanish. The cost to the distributor for Spanish olive oil is $6.50 per gallon. Italian olive oil costs him $5.75 per gallon. The weekly demand for the three types of olive oils is 700 gallons of commercial, 2,200 gallons of virgin, and 1,400 gallons of extra virgin. How should he blend the two olive oils to meet his demand most economically?


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