"> (Answered) Name Speed Drop Millennium 99 350 Goliath 85 255 Titan 85 255 Phantom's 82 228 Xcelerator 62 120 Desperado 80 225 HyperSonic 80 133 Nitro 80 215... - Tutorials Prime

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(Answered) Name Speed Drop Millennium 99 350 Goliath 85 255 Titan 85 255 Phantom's 82 228 Xcelerator 62 120 Desperado 80 225 HyperSonic 80 133 Nitro 80 215...

Name Speed Drop Millennium 99 350 Goliath 85 255 Titan 85 255 Phantom's 82 228 Xcelerator 62 120 Desperado 80 225 HyperSonic 80 133 Nitro 80 215...

Question 1 (8 parts)The attached data set that gives the distance of the longest drop (in feet) and the top speed (in mph) of the top roller coasters across the country should be used to answer all parts of this question. CS2 Roller Coasters excel.xlsx ( i attached the rollar coaster data set as an attached file below)Part 1 of 8:  The explanatory variable is ________. A.drop distance B.top speedThe response variable is ___________.Part 2 of 8:  Using Excel or StatCrunch, create a scatter plot of the roller coaster data. Be sure to put the explanatory variable on the x-axis and the response variable on the y-axis. Ensure that your scatter plot has an appropriate title ("Speed of Roller Coasters") and labels ("Top Speed (mph)" and "Drop Distance (ft)". Insert a trend line and have Excel/StatCrunch find both the equation of the trend line and the r2 value. Be sure I can read both values on your scatter plot. Submit that file/screenshot here and use it to answer the remaining parts of this question.Part 3 of 8: Describe the association in context. Remember this has 4 parts! Talk about strength, direction, form and what the relationship means in context.Part 4 of 8:What is the r2 value and what does it mean in the context of the question?Part 5 of 8:Write the equation of the least squares regression line in context. Write your y-intercept to one decimal place and your slope to 3 decimal places.Part 6 of 8:Explain (in context) what the slope of the line means.Part 7 of 8:Explain (in context) what the y-intercept of the line means.Part 8 of 8:Using your model from question 5, the top speed of a roller coaster that has a drop of 300 feet is _______ mph. Round your result to one decimal place.Question 2 (3 parts)You are preparing some sweet potato pie for your annual Thanksgiving feast. The store sells sweet potatoes in packages of 6. From prior experience you have found that the package will contain 0 spoiled sweet potatoes about 65% of the time, 1 spoiled sweet potato 25% of the time and 2 spoiled sweet potatoes the rest of the time. Conduct a simulation to estimate the number of packages of sweet potatoes you need to purchase to have three dozen (36) unspoiled sweet potatoes.Part 1 of 3: Describe in detail and in paragraph form how you will use the random numbers provided from a random number table (in part 2) to conduct 4 trials of this simulation. Be sure to include all of the first four steps of a simulation. Steps 5 and 6 are part 2 and step 7 are part 3 of this question.1. Identify the component to be repeated.2. Explain how you will model the outcome.3. Explain in detail how you will simulate the trial.4. State clearly what the response variable is.Part 2 of 3:Using the data from our random number table below, carry out your simulation from part 1. For each of the 4 trials, show the detailed outcome (package by package) and specify your overall results (total number of packages in that trial). Then show work for analyzing the response variable. This is steps 5 and 6 of a simulation:5. Run several trials6. Analyze the response variable.Part 3 of 3:Complete your simulation by stating your conclusion to the simulation in context. (step 7).


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