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(Answered) The Trial of the Black Widow FOR TWO MONTHS, the exclusive community of Palm Bay has been obsessed with a murder that many of its most influential...

The Trial of the Black Widow FOR TWO MONTHS, the exclusive community of Palm Bay has been obsessed with a murder that many of its most influential...

The Trial of the Black WidowFOR TWO MONTHS, the exclusive community of Palm Bay has been obsessed with a murder that many of its most influential citizens actually witnessed. You and your eleven colleagues feel lucky to sit here every day and weigh the evidence against this beautiful, and, some might add, deadly woman of the world. It was less than a year ago that Anabel Lee moved to Palm Bay, renting a tastefully expensive beach house. A vivacious and stunning woman, Anabel quickly made friends, especially with Victor Ricolah, next-door neighbor and retired financier. They were engaged within two months, married within three. In his opening statement, the district attorney outlines the events of Victor's final garden party of the season, his last garden party ever. The festivities were in full swing on that sunny afternoon when the host asked his wife to fetch him a drink. Anabel had just sent the bartender off for more limes; so, she made it herself, expertly mixing the gin and tonic and adding ice from an electric ice cooler plugged into an outlet in the gazebo. She tasted the drink, pronounced it delicious, then handed the glass to Victor, who used a paper napkin to wipe a red gash of lipstick off the rim before drinking. That was the last contact that Anabel had with her husband. For the next half-hour, Victor sipped his drink, munched on a catered buffet of overpriced delectables, and chatted with his neighbors. At one point he borrowed a cigarette from his best friend and tennis partner, Keith Brown, but smoked only half before stubbing it out. When Victor collapsed on the lawn clutching his throat, no one even imagined poison, except the poisoner of course. Three plastic surgeons and a dermatologist made vain attempts to revive him. And all this while the servants were busy washing glasses and disposing of whatever evidence might have existed of the murder. Anabel tried to arrange a quick cremation, but Palm Bay law required an autopsy. The result left no doubt: potassium cyanide, guaranteed to give effective results within a matter of minutes. PROSECUTION: The Prosecution will show that last month Mrs. Ricolah drove to Boca Raton to purchase all industrial metal cleaner, a clear liquid composed primarily of potassium cyanide. We will also show that this was not the first time Anabel Lee Ricolah, born Amy Long, and also known as Annie Lyons and Andrea Leon, has lost a husband under suspicious circumstances. In at least two previous instances, she married wealthy men. In both of these cases, her husbands died within a year and in both cases their remains were cremated. Anabel Lee is what crime literature calls a "black widow," someone who weds and kills with impunity. It is your job, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to see that her crime spree stops here. Anabel's lawyer was dismissive. DEFENSE: There is no evidence connecting my client to this crime. So, she bought a metal cleaner. She likes a clean house. As for opportunity. . . cyanide is a fast-acting poison. And yet Mrs. Ricolah and her husband had no contact with each other for the last half-hour of his life. Other suspects abound. The Ricolah housekeeper, Emma Peters, had been the deceased's mistress for years before he threw her over for the defendant. The deceased's best friend, Keith Brown, had been an ardent suitor of Anabel's before the marriage. Both Emma Peters and Keith Brown had motives just as compelling as my client's and even greater opportunity. Trial Witnesses & Evidence Prosecution Witness, ToxicologistTOXICOLOGIST: Luckily, Green Lady Catering uses distinctively colored garbage bags. We were able to recover all the party trash from the dump and sift through it. We limited ourselves to items Mr. Ricolah was observed ingesting. The videotape helped us in that regard. We also checked containers that might have held the poisoned item. PROSECUTION: And what did you find? TOXICOLOGIST: We found liquid traces of potassium cyanide inside a plastic food storage bag-the kind with blue and yellow stripes on top. We also tested a tiny patch of dead grass near the spot where Mr. Ricolah collapsed. Again, we found minute traces of cyanide. In both cases, the chemical composition matched that of a common industrial metal cleaner. DEFENSE: Objection. Information not asked for. PROSECUTION: Were the traces of cyanide consistent with the ingredients of the industrial metal cleaner, Exhibit B? TOXICOLOGIST: Yes. Prosecution Witness, Housekeeper Emma Peters, the Ricolah housekeeper, had helped the caterers clean up and was observed disposing of several food storage bags. PROSECUTION: Do you remember what happened with the storage bags? EMMA PETERS: As far as I can recall, I threw away three of them, all with those blue and yellow stripes on top. That's the kind Green Lady uses. I buy the same brand for the Ricolah household. One of the bags came from behind the buffet table. I think they were using it for parsley. The other two came from the bar area in the gazebo. One was used to store garnish items for drinks, and the other I found inside the electric ice cooler. Prosecution Witness, Caterer CATERER: Mrs. Ricolah's behavior seemed a little odd that day. For one thing, she insisted on doing many things our staff normally does, things like personally filling the ice cooler and stocking the garnish bins with lemons and limes and cherries. We tried to tell her, diplomatically, that we would take care of those details, but she insisted on doing them herself. DEFENSE CROSS-EXAMINATION: Did you ever cater for the Ricolah household before? CATERER: No. DEFENSE: So, you never worked for Mrs. Ricolah before. In fact, that was the first time you ever met her. CATERER: That's correct. DEFENSE: So, you have no way of knowing what her normal behavior was and what might have been odd. In fact, she might normally be an independent person who likes to do things for herself. CATERER: I suppose. Cross- Examination, Toxicologist Defense: You've told the court where you found traces of poison. But where didn’t you find traces? TOXICOLOGIST: On everything else DEFENSE: You tested the paper napkin with the red lipstick smear? The lipstick tube? The cigarette butts? Dessert canapés? Drinking glasses? TOXICOLOGIST: No, not the glasses. They had all been washed. DEFENSE: But you tested everything else I mentioned?TOXICOLOGIST: Yes. DEFENSE: And the results of those tests? TOXICOLOGIST: No trace of poison on any of them. Defense Exhibit A, Party Videotape Victor Ricolah had hired a video company to make a tape of the party, thereby ensuring a record of his own demise. By a lucky fluke, the videotape focuses on Victor in the minutes just prior to his death. VIDEOTAPE: Victor is in the midst of his friends, nursing the last quarter of his gin and tonic. He stubs out his cigarette in an ashtray as Keith Brown deposits a plate of half-eaten food on a table and walks away. Victor absentmindedly eats a potato chip from the plate. Emma Peters passes by with a tray of dessert canapés. Several guests munch on the little sweets, including Victor. Halfway through his first bite, Victor clutches at his throat and collapses, dropping both the canapé and his glass on the lawn. The videotape continues to roll until the arrival of Mrs. Ricolah and the first doctor. You get the sinking feeling that no matter who poisoned Victor, there may not be enough evidence to prove it. Still, the question remains: Who killed Victor Ricolah? And how? Explain your answer. Arial3 (12pt)ParagraphFont familyFont sizePath: pWords:0 20 points Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.  /tutors-problems/Business/10718678 10718678 impacts and benefits of applying environmental biotechnology to clean polluted water systems, which of the following describes the most likely impact?... Considering the impacts and benefits of applying environmental biotechnology to clean polluted water systems, which of the following describes the most likely impact? It may introduce new bacteria to the system. It may introduce harsh chemicals to the water. It may be an alternate way to clean oil spills. It may be harmful to sewage treatment plants. /tutors-problems/Business/10718680 10718680 3. The plan for choosing which recruitment activities the organization will use, when and how these activities will be done, whom to use as... This question was created from Stats Assignment 7 Chapters 8 and 9 /file/11014313/Stats-Assignment-7-Chapters-8-and-9/?focusQaId=10718680 and question 6 /tutors-problems/Business/10718682 10718682 )Which of the following strategies are used in biotechnology to solve a problem? )Which of the following strategies are used in biotechnology to solve a problem?Genetic engineeringBiomimicryBiochemical engineering I only II only I and II only I, II, and III /tutors-problems/Business/10718684 10718684 CMSC 350 Project 2 The second programming project involves writing a program that accepts an arithmetic expression of unsigned integers in postfix... I need some help creating this program. Must be as specified. also able to detect division by 0 and catch the error1 CMSC 350 Project 2 The second programming project involves writing a program that accepts an arithmetic expression of unsigned integers in postfix notation and builds the arithmetic expression tree that represents that expression. From that tree, the corresponding fully parenthesized infix expression should be displayed and a file should be generated that contains the three address format instructions. This topic is discussed in the week 4 reading in module 2, section II-B. The main class should create the GUI shown below: The GUI must be generated by code that you write. You may not use a drag-and-drop GUI generator. Pressing the Construct Tree button should cause the tree to be constructed and using that tree, the corresponding infix expression should be displayed and the three address instruction file should be generated. The postfix expression input should not be required to have spaces between every token. Note in the above example that 9+- are not separated by spaces. The above example should produce the following output file containing the three address instructions: Add R0 5 9 Sub R1 3 R0 Mul R2 2 3 Div R3 R1 R2 It is not necessary to reuse registers within an expression as shown in module 2, section II-B, and you can assume there are as many available as needed. Each new expression should, however, begin using registers starting at R0 . Inheritance should be used to define the arithmetic expression tree. At a minimum, it should involve three classes: an abstract class for the tree nodes and two derived classes, one for operand nodes and another for operator nodes. Other classes should be included as needed to accomplish good object-oriented design. All instance data must be declared as private. You may assume that the expression is syntactically correct with regard to the order of operators and operands, but you should check for invalid tokens, such as characters that are not valid operators or operands such as 2a , which are not valid integers. If an invalid token is detected a /tutors-problems/Business/10718688 10718688 My company is Foot Locker. Every company has capital projects. The company you have selected must need something! Can you please assist again. My company is Foot Locker. Every company has capital projects. The company you have selected must need something! Be it a new wing to the building, a new product line to be funded, a new piece of equipment, find one new acquisition your company needs.Once you have identified the new possible investment item, what problems are you going to have in estimating the cash flow that might be emanating from the initial investment and problems in getting it funded? Issues might be:RiskCostPolitics (getting it through committees)Public Relationsetc.,Identify a potential capital project for your company describe such a project and write a short summary of the problems you see in getting the funding to see it through. Part IIExamine the structure and activities in your organization and identify two projects or events that required an investment. One should be a 'current project' and the other long-term investment project.For each project or event, identify the preferable source of funding. You may not have access to the actual source of funding so limit your paper to the source YOU feel is most appropriate. Then explain why you feel that source is most appropriate. This is a Signature Assignment Expectation for FIN301 Module 4 SLPThere are 2 specific learning outcomes: 1) apply business theories, models, and concepts to guide analysis of problems and situations and 2) utilize data driven analysis in making business decisions.In this SLP assignment for Module 4 our emphasis will be on understanding the preferable source of funding. You will be summarizing all of what you learned the in the Cases, SLPs and TDs.For Part I, you must discuss both the estimates of the initial investments and the annual incremental after-tax cash flow that is expected to emanate from the investment. /tutors-problems/Business/10718690 10718690 It has been reported that 48% of teenagers play video games on their phones. A random of 60 teenagers is drawn. It has been reported that 48% of teenagers play video games on their phones. A random of 60 teenagers is drawn. Find the probability that the proportion of teenagers in the sample who play videos games on their phone is less than 0.490. Write only a number as your answer. Round to 4 decimal places, /tutors-problems/Business/10718694 10718694 74% of freshman entering public high schools in 2006 graduated with their class in 2010. A random sample of 81 freshman is selected. 1.     74% of freshman entering public high schools in 2006 graduated with their class in 2010. A random sample of 81 freshman is selected. Find the probability that the proportion of students who graduated is greater than 0.744. Write only a number round to 4 decimal points.  /tutors-problems/Business/10718696 10718696 At a certain university, 50% of all entering freshman planned to major in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) discipline. A sample... At a certain university, 50% of all entering freshman planned to major in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) discipline. A sample of 36% freshman is selected. What is the probability that the proportion of freshman in the sample is between 0.486 and 0.580? Write only as a number, round to 4 decimal places /tutors-problems/Business/10718698 10718698 Need answers as soon as possible. Question 1 The intentional tort of false imprisonment is best defined as: Hello,Please see the attachment of multiple choice questions. Need answers as soon as possible.Question 1The intentional tort of false imprisonment is best defined as: A. Being held in jail waiting for an arraignment. B. The intentional confinement or restraint of another without authority or justification and without that person’s consent. C. The holding in prison of a person convicted of a crime who is appealing the conviction. D. A confinement that is caused by accidentally confining another person without that person’s consent. Question 2Which is FALSE about a Limited Liability Company (LLC)? a. No formalities are required by state statute in the forming of an LLC; rather, a simple LLC agreement will suffice to establish legally the LLC. b. An LLC can be a member-managed or a manager-managed LLC. c. The name of the LLC must include the term "limited liability company" or "LLC." d. The members of an LLC are not personally liable for the debts and obligations of the LLC (beyond their original contributions to the LLC). Question 3Which of the following facts is the best evidence of the existence of a partnership relationship? Joint or common ownership of property Sharing of gross returns of a business Sharing of net profits of a business Joint participation in a business activity Question 4Which of the following best describes a merger? Two corporations jointly purchase a third corporation and operate it as a joint venture. Two corporations are combined to form a new third corporation, and the original two corporations cease to exist. Two corporations are combined, with one of the original corporations surviving and the other ceasing to exist. One corporation acquires all of the shares of second corporation, with both corporations retaining their separate legal existence, and the second a subsidiary of the first. Question 5Which of the following is not one of the general categories of torts? A. Strict liability B. Breach of warranty C. Negligence D. Intentional Torts Question 6Which of the following is a true statement? A. The judicial branch has the authority to examine acts of the legislative branch but not the executive. B. The legislative branch of the U.S. government cannot change laws that have been interpreted by Congress. C. The preemption doctrine holds that the U.S. Congress can override Supreme Court decisions by a 3/4s vote. D. The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution means that the Constitution and all laws passed pursuant to the Constitution are the supreme law of the land.  Question 7The Statute of Frauds does not cover Contracts in consideration of marriage Contracts for the sale of realty Guarantees or guaranty contracts Contracts that can be performed within one year Question 8In order to satisfy the Statute of Frauds sufficiency of writing requirement, generally a writing must: Be a formal, written, sealed document. Be any written memorandum containing the essential terms of the parties' agreement. Be signed by the party against whom enforcement is sought. B and C. Question 9Dina is a partner in Eagle Technical Group. Dina’s dissociation from the partnership likely will cause the automatic termination of the firm’s legal existence. the immediate maturity of all partnership debts. the dissolution of the partnership and the partnership’s buyout of Dina’s interest in the firm. the temporary suspension of all partnership business. Question 10A standard business corporation must have: a shareholder or shareholders. a board of directors. a registered agent. All of the above 0.5 points Question 11Which of the following is a true statement? The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution confers absolute rights on citizens of the U.S, not subject to interpretation by the U.S. Supreme Court, and not capable of being infringed on by government. Political speech that would otherwise be protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment loses that protection if its source is a corporation. The Federal Trade Commission is an example of an independent federal level regulatory agency in the United States. Administrative rules and regulations are not binding like the laws of the U.S. Congress since the heads of administrative agencies are not elected. Question 12 Standard Company and Tom wish to enter into an agency relationship for the purpose of buying computers for Standard’s offices. The relationship requires as a general rule: a written agreement and consideration a written agreement only consideration only neither a written agreement nor consideration 0.5 points Question 13"Fundamental corporate change" consists of: a. Amending the articles of incorporation b. Merging with another corporation c. Dissolution and termination of the corporation d. All of the above. Question 14An example of an equitable remedy is Exemplary damages Speculative damages Consequential damages An injunction Question 15Which of the following generally does not need to be included with the articles of incorporation? The period duration of the corporation. The classes and preferences of stock. Whether preemption rights are given to the stockholders. A copy of the bylaws. Question 16The U.S. Constitution takes precedence over a provision in a state constitution or statute only. a state supreme court decision only. a state constitution, statute, and court decision. none of the above.  Question 17Which of the following is true about restraints of trade? Under the per se rules, all restraints of trade are illegal. Under the rule of reason, all restraints of trade are illegal. Some acts are illegal per se, but other actions must be judged by the rule of reason. Price fixing is always judged by the rule of reason.  Question 18Which express warranties are sellers of goods required to make by the UCC? A. Warranties regarding the quality of goods. B. Warranties regarding the length of time that the product can be returned. C. Warranties regarding the length of time that the seller will repair the product. D. None of the above. 0.5 points Question 19A contract clause conditioned on the occurrence of an event may best be an example of An express condition A condition precedent An implied condition A covenant Question 20 Ron is a director of Standard Company. Ron has a right to compensation. first refusal. participation. preemption. Question 21In which of the following are the partnership events listed in the correct order of occurrence? Winding up, dissolution, termination. Dissolution, termination, winding up. Dissolution, winding up, termination. Termination, dissolution, winding up.  Question 22Which of the following is/are TRUE about U.S. civil rights laws? a. An employer can defend a lawsuit pursuant to the Age Discrimination and Employment Act (ADEA) by interposing a BFOQ (bona fide occupational qualification) defense. b. The "disparate impact" theory of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act now applies to discrimination lawsuits based on the ADEA due to a Supreme Court decision. c. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that an employer not only not discriminate against disabled people but also that the employer makes a "reasonable" accommodation to the needs of its disabled employees. d. All of the above. 0.5 points Question 23Which type of mistake usually will make a contract voidable at the option of the mistaken party? a. A bilateral or mutual mistake b. A unilateral mistake c. A unilateral palpable mistake d. Both a. and c. Question 24The legal doctrine that is applied when one intends to cause injury to another certain person, but instead actually causes injury to another third person is bestcalled: A. The Transferred Intent Doctrine B. The Innocent Bystander Rule C. The Misplaced Confidence Rule D. The Victim Bad Luck Theory. 0.5 points Question 25Which of the following is a false statement?  A limited liability company in the U.S. offers the limited liability of a corporation. A limited liability company must be formed in accordance with uniform federal law in the United States. In some states in the U.S., one-member limited liability companies are permissible. Unless otherwise agreed, the members of a joint venture share profits and losses equally. Question 26Which of the following constitutes legal consideration? A promise based upon a change in duties and payments. A promise based upon a moral obligation. A promise based upon past consideration. A promise based upon a preexisting duty. Question 27The seller can recover the purchase price for the goods only under certain circumstances, including when: The buyer accepts, but fails to pay for the goods. The goods are destroyed after risk of loss passes to the buyer. The buyer rejects specially manufactured goods that cannot be resold. A, B and C.  Question 28What may be included in the articles of incorporation as an optionalprovision? The address of the corporation's initial registered office in the state. The names and addresses of the incorporators. The par value of the stock or any statement that it shall have no par value. The name of the corporation.  Question 29Which of the following is NOT an Equitable remedy under the common law: a. Injunction b. Money Damages c. Rescission d. Specific Performance 0.5 points Question 30Which of the following is not necessary in order for the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose to apply? A. The seller knows or has reason to know of the buyer’s intended use of the good. B. The seller is a merchant. C. The seller states that the goods will serve the purpose of the buyer’s intended use. D. The buyer buys in reliance on the seller’s skill and judgment. Question 31The Statute of Frauds Is the tort of deceit Is concerned with perjury and misrepresentation Is a common law doctrine Is a federal standard 0.5 points Question 32Jose transfers his house by means of a deed to his mother for her lifetime and with a remainder to go to his sister. Thus, a. Jose created a "life estate" in favor of his sister. b. Jose reserved a remainder for himself. c. Jose created a remainder in favor of his sister. d. Jose did nothing since all future interests in real property are illegal. Question 33"Cyber" crimes today encompass: a. Identity theft b. "Cyber stalking" c. "Hacking" and "spamming" d. All of the above. 0.5 points Question 34Which of the following would constitute a valid acceptance? The buyer tells the seller that the nonconforming goods which were shipped will be kept and paid for. The buyer waits for three months before notifying the seller that the goods are nonconforming. The buyer immediately resells the nonconforming goods. A, B and C.  Question 35 Vicky is a shareholder in Web Services, Inc. Vicky could typically exercise appraisal rights if Web was involved in a consolidation only. a merger only. a consolidation or a merger. neither a consolidation nor a merger. Question 36The following are all very good ways for an entrepreneur to find an attorney except: A. Using the specialty attorney or legal services listings in the Yellow Pages. B. Getting a recommendation from an attorney who is an adjunct professor at a local university or college. C. Seeking recommendations from other business people and entrepreneurs in the community. D. Getting referrals from your accountant, financial advisor, or real estate broker.  Question 37Which of the following is a true statement? In a limited liability company in the U.S., members cannot participate in management. In a limited liability company in the U.S. members must participate in management. The typical state limited liability company (LLC) statute in the U.S. would provide that unless the members agree otherwise, all profits of the LLC will be divided equally. Corporations do not possess any rights under the U.S. Constitution since corporations are artificial legal entities and not real persons.  Question 38When a promoter enters into a contract on behalf of corporation which is not yet formed, the corporation will become liable on the contract: At the time the promoter enters into the contract. When the corporation comes into existence. Once the corporation has elected its initial board of directors. Only if the corporation, once formed, agrees to be liable on the contract. Question 39What as a general rule makes a covenant-not-to-compete legal in an employment contract? a. The covenant must be reasonable as to time/duration. b. The covenant must be reasonable as to place/territory. c. The employer must be able to demonstrate that the covenant was necessary to protect a legitimate business interest of the employer. d. All of the above.  Question 40Which of the following is a true statement? Building contractors and subcontractors are usually not independent contractors. An agency relationship can be formed only in a witnessed and signed writing since it is a high-level business relationship. There generally does not need to be a written agreement between the principal and agent in order to create an agency relationship. An agent does not owe to his or her principal a duty to act in good faith..


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