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11122014.docx Week 7 discussion Walmart a few months ago had a full page advertisement in the Miami Herald headlined \"see for yourself Miami, same items 15% less! It shows 20 items at Publix and compares these items with the prices at Walmart. They are 15% cheaper than Publix. At the bottom of the advert it says \"More Reasons to shop. Big Brands. Low prices on all your favorites. Every day.\" Clearly, Walmart has an everyday low price appeal and Publix does not. Publix has responded with a lot of \"buy one and get one free\" promotions. Compare the pricing strategies of Walmart and Publix. If you were a marketing consultant to Publix, do you recommend any changes in the Publix pricing strategy? Explain your answer. Borders book store closed down a few years ago and Barnes and Noble is closing many of their outlets even in South Florida. Is there a future for the bricks and mortar bookstore? Will consumers be forced to buy books online in the future? Predict the book distribution structure in 10 years time. Week 8 Discussion Integrated Marketing communications is an important element of marketing strategy. If you think of J C Penny\'s and Macy\'s, from a consumer point of view, compare and contrast their integrated marketing communication programs. If your boss had to ask you for opinion (based on your marketing knowledge) on what makes a good advertisement, what would you say? Week 9 Discussion Companies like Dell were doing very well until a few years ago. One can add Sony and Blackberry to the list. Do you think that there is something wrong with their new product development process or is it something else? Could Apple and Samsung go the same way?


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