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Solution Please follow the instructions. The format use memo. double space. 2-3 pages is enough. after each requirement write section1 section2 section3 and etc for example Provide a brief description of the companies you chose and why you chose them write section 1 and highlight it then the descrtion below it. For the income statment and balance sheet bring them from the orignal website.

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201A Writing Assignment: Financial Statement Analysis


Select two companies from an industry that interests you. Find their latest quarterly report (Form 10-Q) on the SEC website ( or on the company’s website. Compare and contrast the company’s Financial Statements, Footnotes, and Management’s Discussion and Analysis.




I. Provide a brief description of the companies you chose and why you chose them.


II. Discuss the companies capital structure (i.e. debt versus equity utilization).


III. Compute one liquidity, solvency, and profitability ratio for each company and compare the two.


IV. Using the financial statement footnotes, identify and discuss one accounting policy we have discussed in class.


V. Which of the two companies would you invest in and why?


VI. Provide copies of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for each company.



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