"> CL600 Module 9 Mini-Essay Assignment

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CL600 Module 9 Mini-Essay Assignment

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Mini-Essay Fact Pattern


Majestic, feeling particularly generous one day, says to her wicked cousin, Empress, “I promise to sell you my silver sparkle slippers for $350 unless I change my mind.” The next day, Empress tells Majestic, “Here’s the $350. I’ll take those slippers now.” Majestic says, “Forget it, you wicked thing. There’s no way you’re getting my slippers for any price.”



Can Empress enforce Majestic’s promise?


All three components must be included in the document that you upload.





1. Draft an exam outline for this for the following Mini-Essay Exam fact pattern.


2. Write an exam answer to the Mini-Essay Exam fact pattern.


3. Complete the self-assessment.




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