"> (Answered) Case Study 1 - Pros and Cons of Cleaning Up the \"Resu-mess\" Cleaning Up Resu-mess

Given the economic situation of today, there are more individuals who enter th">

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(Answered) Case Study 1 - Pros and Cons of Cleaning Up the \"Resu-mess\"

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Case Study 1 - Pros and Cons of Cleaning Up the \"Resu-mess\"

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Cleaning Up Resu-mess

Given the economic situation of today, there are more individuals who enter the job market daily. The traditional way for the HR managers to review applications were to manually sort through individual resumes and make their decision based on overall qualifications. For some companies they have resorted to investing in software with a promise to do what they are seeking. Today, there are web-based solutions which do the screening process which are relatively inexpensive. The use of online screening makes it much easier and made it relatively less expensive for companies. The websites like Hire.com gives the employer the options to ask applicants questions which can allow them to sort out the applicant easier. It has solved the problem of having to sort through over 100 applications just to hire one (1) employee.

1. What impact do you think resume? screening tools are having on HR departments? There is a positive impact that the use of screening tools are having on HR departments. The main benefits are that the screening tools have allowed the recruiters’ and the managers’ to have more time. The time can be used for a variety of reasons like hiring individuals who are most qualified for the organization rather than sorting resumes. In time, it will save the company both time and money. (How Online Screening Techniques Affect Your Job Search, n.d.)

2. What competitive advantages do you see in using resume? screening tools? Online recruitment is becoming a standard method for most people who are seeking a job. An advantage is that managers spend less time on the screening process for applicants, they are able to spend their time on more important task. They can use the time on strategy planning and training employees to give the firm an advantage over the competitors. This method is also cost effective depending on where the posting is listed. An example would be if a company were to post their job listing on the businesses website, it would be free. If the same company were to use a website, there can be a fee which can in time become a heavy expense. The screening tools allows HR managers to recruit the most qualifies applicants than which they may have hired using traditional screening methods, like sorting through most applications. (Sullivan, 1998)

3. Do you see any drawbacks associated with them, and, if so, how might they be addressed? There may be many drawbacks with the use of this system, but I see more which will affect the applicant than the employer. Public relations is where there will be a drawback, the process may not allow applicants to fully “sell” themselves, or present themselves accurately. In this case the example of Southern company may address this drawback by probably responding to applicants in a timely manner, and deal with them fairly. An example would be, if there was a job opening for a manager’s position, and there were many applicants who did not make proper qualifications, the applicant can be contacted on a later date, if a position should open up which may better fit their skills. All applicants should be informed equally. Some of the jobs which may be posted may require specific skills that an employer might not be able to obtain because those candidates may be unavailable through internet job posing. If this is the case, a more hands on approach will be needed, like the use of head hunters, especially if the job needs to be filled quickly. (Joseph, n.d.) The internet is available worldwide, it may be difficult to limit amount of applicants, in the case study it states Raising Cain’s attempt to hire 35 people but received 10,000 resumes. They were forced to hire an outside firm to sort out applicants. This can be fixed easily by making the job description specific and detailed to dampen unqualified persons from applying. (Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Recruitment, 2011) The...


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